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Hi, my name is Rach and I own a small community gym in Whitianga. We have been open since December 2019. Being a fairly new bussiness and having the effect of COVID 19, our gym took a huge hit on our clientele base, this resulting in having to cancel all our memberships. During this time I had researched the best person for me to work with in regards to advertising and marketing. 

I do not regret my decision to go with Louise, on my first phone call she was encouraging and supportive towards what we wanted to achieve. She stared my advertising and marketing into the right direction and has always given me practical ways to build my clientele base.

Although we are still on our journey with Louise and have been working with her for 3 months I have already seen a positive growth in my clientele base, a change in my social media advertising and positive strategies to use. 

Dont miss out on your opportunity to work with Louise, I highly recommend her!! You'll walk away with more than what you expect.

Rachel Subritzky, Owner of Whiti Cross WOD. Whitianga, New Zealand
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