What if you could kiss goodbye to working weekends at local markets, attending networking events, the inconsistent income…and instead discover how to harness the power of Facebook to attract paying customers?
Now you can...


An 8 week program for women of e-commerce businesses who are determined to kiss goodbye to attending local markets + events, & create consistent cashflow by increasing their sales via Facebook.

You see... whilst you post regularly on Facebook, you’re not seeing your ‘likes’ or ‘engagement’ convert into website traffic, or sales!

IF you are lucky enough to have ‘virtual’ shop visitors, you know you’re missing out on sales due to your lack of knowledge for basic Facebook Advertising & using Facebook to re-target your products to potential customers.

But, 2021 is going to be your year & I'm here to show you how to accelerate the growth of your business profits, from Facebook!

If you're ready to commit to yourself & invest in your business so you can fully understand how to harness the power of Facebook to attract paying customers then >> APPLY NOW << to see if you're a good fit to work with us inside, The Facebook Revolution!

Hey, I'm Lou...

I see far too many women in business struggling to grow their sales online & either stay stuck attending local markets & events or give up altogether.

That’s NOT ok with me!

Your ‘ideal’ customer NEEDS your products to help solve their problems & it’s my job to help you do that by teaching you how to harness the power of Facebook & attract more paying customers into your ‘virtual’ doors!

By joining The Facebook Revolution, I will teach you everything I know about how to build a household Brand on Facebook, create content your ‘followers’ want to engage with, increase traffic to your e-commerce store AND... increase your sales!

AS LONG AS you are committed, complete your weekly training AND show up for our fortnightly strategy sessions.

In other words, I will bend over backwards to arm you with the knowledge, strategies & the tools you need, but you will have to trust me, follow the plan & commit to taking the action!

I am here to support you, guide you & problem solve with you – whatever it takes to see you win!

Then you’ll have the KNOWLEDGE & CONFIDENCE to increase your e-commerce traffic and overall sales.

You have to drive the car, but I’ll give you the directions.

Sound fair?


The Facebook Revolution is an 8 Week Program designed to provide you with everything you need to increase your e-commerce site traffic & turn your 'virtual' visitors into paying customers!

Here's an example what you can expect to learn about & implement during your time in the program.

  • Pre-Work: Your 60 Day Game Plan ($499 Value) - To ensure you get the most out of our time together & achieve your goals, you will receive a 60 Day Game Plan workbook. It's CRUCIAL that you complete this PRIOR to week 1 as it will be a determining factor in increasing your sales over the next 8 weeks!
  • ​Week #1: Understanding Your Customer ($297 Value) - The first step in attracting paying customers is to know WHO they are! In week 1, we will be doing just that & creating a 'dream' customer avatar, where to find them & getting super clear on all the reasons WHY they need to buy your product/s
  • Week #2: Create Engaging Captions That Convert ($297 Value) - Now that you know what you want to achieve AND who the person is wants to buy from you, week 2 is all about understanding how to create an 'authentic' marketing plan that includes captions that not only encourage your 'followers' to engage BUT go to your e-commerce store to buy
  • Week #3-4: Owning Your X-Factor ($497 Value) - That's right ladies, if you're still lacking the confidence to hit that 'live' button or share those 'stories', I promise you by the end of week #4 you won't be! I'm going to teach you all my tips & tricks to help you overcome your fears but also how these powerful tools help you sell more!
  • Week #5-6: The Power of Facebook Groups ($497 Value) - Over weeks 5 & 6 you're going to fully understand just how powerful Facebook Groups are! Not only for building virtual friendships but how 'networking' in them for less than 20mins a day will increase your sales. 
  • ​Week #7: The Carousel Ad ($297 Value) - Investing money into paid advertising can be scary! Not only because you don't know what you're doing BUT because there's no guarantee you'll see a sale from them either!
    In Week 7 I'm going to step you through how to not only set up one of the more 'simple' Facebook Ads but why explain why carousel ads are so hot right now & a MUST have in your marketing plan.
  • Week #8: Facebook Re-Targeting For Higher Conversions ($497 Value) - Have you ever wondered how you'll be shopping online, only to have those same stores start coming up in your newsfeed? In week 8 you're going to discover the exact steps on how to use Facebook Ads to 're-target' to your website traffic & how this timeless strategy converts 'interested' shoppers into paying customers!

What Lou has helped me achieve in three months is phenomenal!

I went from a very small social media following and the odd sale on Etsy; to my own website, a thriving social media following and a huge increase in sales, including overseas.

Lou is always so positive & has helped me to believe in my business and myself.

If you are considering a business coach I can highly recommend Louise Stephens Business Coach (formally Live What You Love Business Coaching)

— Shannen Burns, Wild Flower Lane Boutique

"Initiating the process which saw Louise become involved with my business was one of the best decisions I have made⁣.

Louise is a great communicator and a delight to work with, her enthusiasm and down to earth approach make the process of reaching outside your comfort zone enjoyable.⁣

In the short time that I have been working with Lou, we have seen a significant improvement in the exposure of my company and a commensurate upturn in Sales.⁣

I cannot recommend Louise highly enough"

— Mike Nelson, Owner of Carried Away NZ

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What social platform/s do you use to market your business?

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Being 100% honest, what do you think is holding you back from achieving your business goals?

What are your top TWO goals that you're working to achieving in your business over the next 6-12 months?

Do you have a plan to reach your goals?

Why is this achieving these goals so important to you?

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